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Landing a Design Job with Confidence

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Are you struggling to your next UX and Product Design Job ?

This 147 pages book is written is help you build confidence in your job search, the book is based John Rodrigues's 7 years of experience navigating the design industry. The book covers both practical and mindset you need approach your job search process. You will learn how to position yourself in the interview, avoid some of the expensive mistakes, how to negotiate 6 figure salary, learn from real case studies picked from authors mentee success. Along with interview tactical skills, you will also learn how to market yourself with low efforts content creation and networking with intention. You will see the scripts that gives you result. Along with that you will also dive deeper into how to use AI in the job search, be efficient and build systems around the job search.

What are 4 things you gain from this book?

✅ You will gain confidence in your job search process.

✅ Understand various UX design interview processes and how to approach them.

✅ You'll learn how to avoid some of the expensive mistakes while landing your next 6-figure design job.

✅ How to position and market yourself, even if the market is not in your favor.

✅ Portfolio and case study strategies that grab recruiters' attention.

✅ How to use AI and other tools efficiently to build systems.

✅ Clarity on the end-to-end job search process.

Why i wrote this book ?

Mentoring over 250+ designers, I noticed that in the UX design community and industry, one of the main challenges designers face is securing their next job. As I write this book, we are experiencing one of the most challenging markets so far, marked by 300K+ layoffs, uncertainty, and increased difficulty breaking into the industry. This has made the design profession more challenging. Despite the increasing challenges, you should not be discouraged. When you invest time and effort and continue to grow, you will succeed.

I personally experienced two challenging markets. The first was during the pandemic when COVID-19 spread uncertainty and posed risks to our health. The second was in 2024 when high-interest rates led to mass layoffs in companies, even those that were profitable.

As designers, we are first and foremost problem solvers. This problem inspired me to write this book. I have personally navigated through these challenges and successfully found work opportunities, and I would like to share these insights and journeys with you

I hope you find this book resourceful and help with in journey of landing a design job.

Best John Rodrigues

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Landing a Design Job with Confidence

0 ratings
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