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Free 6 Day UX Portfolio Course

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Are you struggling with your UX Portfolio?

If so, I have put together this 6-day free course that helps you gain clarity on what makes a good portfolio and avoid expensive mistakes. This course is based on insights captured from reviewing more than 200 portfolios and John Rodrigues's experiences iterating his portfolio for more than 7 years. The lessons are divided into bite-sized content delivered to your inbox for the next 6 days

Here is how it works

For the next 6 days, you will receive 6 emails containing 6 lessons and resources to gain practical insights on creating your UX portfolio. The emails are packed with resources, actionable tips, questions, and more.

6 Days breakdown
✅ Day 0: Welcome Video

✅ Day 1: Learn why you need a portfolio and about your instructor.

✅ Day 2: Understand the hirable portfolio structure.

✅ Day 3: Expensive portfolio mistakes to avoid.

✅ Day 4: Portfolio Freebie (stay tuned).

✅ Day 5: Further resources for you to grow in your profession.

✅ Day 6: Bonus private podcast episode curated just for you.

The course is free for now, grab it while this offer lasts.

All the best! 🎉

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Free 6 Day UX Portfolio Course

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